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FinnOA:n edellisen kokouksen 22.1.2010 muistio

Keskiviikko, Tammikuu 27th, 2010

FinnOA:n seminaari siirtyy huhtikuulle. Lisää ajankohtaisia asioita voi lukea edellisen kokouksen muistiosta.

FinnOA:n seuraava kokous pidetään to 11.2. klo 9.00-11.00 HY:n kirjaston Fabianinkatu
32:n 7. krs:n neuvotteluhuoneessa.

Journal Management & Open Access – tools and best practice: workshop 4-5 March Copenhagen

Perjantai, Tammikuu 8th, 2010

Journal Management & Open Access - tools and best practice

A practical workshop on how to create and manage your open access
journal successfully

Time & place: 4-5 March, Copenhagen Business
School, Solbjerg Plads 3 2000 Frederiksberg,

Target groups: journal managers/editors, journal hosts/publishers

Cost: Free

Last registration date: 25th February. Register

Thursday 4th of March 12.30 - 17.00. A “hands on” tour of the OJS
: the editorial process,
configuration options, and customization tips.

Friday 5th 09.00-17:00 Creating and Managing Open Access Journals
This interactive workshop covers:
* Determining the scope, name, editorial board and governance
structure, review process format/style and layout for the journal
* Developing policies, procedures, and instructions for authors
* Options for web hosting, journal management, backup, and web
* Estimating the resource requirements for operating the journal and
developing a business plan and financing options to address those
* Considerations in developing partnerships with academic libraries,
university presses and/or working with professional publishers and
other consultants/partners
* Indexing, archiving and dissemination issues in developing a new
journal or enhancing access to an existing journal
* Preparing for launching the journal, including obtaining initial
content, developing a reviewer pool, marketing and publicizing the
* Ensuring visibility through marketing and the creation of multiple
entry points to your journal

The workshop will consist of lectures combined with small group
discussions under the direction of the faculty conceptualizing and
designing a journal. Participants are provided with a series of forms,
checklists and other written decision aides to use in working though
the process of designing their journal and planning its implementation.

More info at:
Best regards,
Jörgen Eriksson, Project manager NOAP
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