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ElPub konferenssi 16-18.6.2010

Torstai, Lokakuu 29th, 2009

Publishing in the networked world: transforming the nature of communication

14th International Conference on Electronic Publishing 16 - 18 June 2010, Helsinki, Finland

Publishing is transformed by new channels for electronic communication and also increasingly taking place in the social spaces using the Internet and mobile technologies. New publishing models enable individuals, scholars, communities and networks to establish contacts, exchange data, produce information, and share knowledge in various formats regardless of temporal and spatial restrictions and the types of devices used.

New opportunities and new needs in research challenge us to create an infrastructure also for research data in electronic format. The ELPUB 2010 conference will focus on key issues in electronic publishing such as the methods by which research documents and user-generated content can be published through formal channels as well as through social networks. It will discuss the requirements for a sound infrastructure that can handle the electronic publishing of various forms (e.g., audio, video, or real-time) that increasingly takes place in the social sphere along with the business models to be employed.

Author Guidelines Contributions are invited for the following categories: – Single paper, tutorial, workshop, poster, demonstration

See website for detailed author instructions:

Key Dates:

October 19th 2009: Opening of submission of abstracts.

January 10th 2010: Deadline for submission of abstracts (in all categories).

February 22nd, 2010: Notification of acceptance of submitted proposals.

April 9th, 2010: Deadline for submission of final papers.

Conference Location: Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland

General Chair: Assistant professor Turid Hedlund, Hanken School of Economics Department of Management and Organisation, Helsinki, Finland

Programme Chair: Professor Yasar TontaHacettepe University Department of Information Management, Ankara, Turkey

FinnOA-työryhmän kokouksen 10.9.2009 muistio

Keskiviikko, Lokakuu 28th, 2009

FinnOA:n edellisen kokouksen muistio nyt luettavissa.

OA-maailmassa on paljon tapahtumassa, muistion tapahtumakalenterista lisää tietoa.

Seuraava kokous 28.10.2009.

Artikkeli rinnakkaisjulkaisemisen motivoinnista

Keskiviikko, Lokakuu 7th, 2009

Tampereen yliopiston kirjaston verkkolehden Bulletiinin tuoreimmassa numerossa on Soile Levälahden, Stefan Oinon ja Outi Sisätön kirjoittama kiinnostava artikkeli, jossa pohditaan keinoja rinnakkaisjulkaisemisen edistämiseksi:

Soile Levälahti, Stefan Oino & Outi Sisättö: Rinnakkaisjulkaisemiseen vauhtia. Porkkanaa, keppiä vai jotakin muuta? (Bulletiini 2/2009)